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We are a commercial real estate company with 21 years behind us in the industry. We provide service for homeowners and investors for all of central Ohio. Ohio Commercial Real Estate isn’t just another real estate company—we treat every property like it is our own home, so you know that you’re getting the utmost care from us. Every project that is started will be finished.

Don’t be fooled by our name—we also do residential real estate. We will take care of everything. If you’re looking for real estate work that provides professional care and has the credentials, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can get started right away.

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Commercial Economic Issues and Trends Forum

From the Chief Economist of the National Association for REALTORS®, Lawrence Yun presents trends and issues in the Commercial Real Estate Economy with insightful outlooks using visual representations of growth and speculation. Presented originally on November 2nd at the REALTORS®. Click here to view the presentation.

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Real Estate Trends to Impact the United States in 2018

Rapid technological advancements and significant demographic shifts significantly influence the real estate industry. These various factors like growing urbanization, the longevity of Baby Boomers and differentiated lifestyle patterns of Millennials are changing the way people value real estate. Add into the mix macroeconomic and regulatory developments, and you have the perfect storm for some significant…Read More

Meet Tony Yacoub, Owner of Ohio Commercial Real Estate

Tony has an extensive range of expertise including sales and staff management, executive level presentations, joint venture contracts, proficient working knowledge of government software, commercial real estate leasing, and much more.

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